PublicationThe 2023 First International Forum: A Compilation

Book Introduction

Taking the first step on a long journey towards 'The International People’s Tribunal on 1945 US Atomic Bombings' (The A-Bomb Tribunal)!

Amidst unprecedentedly intense nuclear arms strategies and power confrontations since the end of the Cold War, the crisis of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula is escalating more than ever.

In these times, a book has emerged to highlight the risks and illegality of nuclear weapon use. It compiles presentations, discussions, and the content of debates on the illegality of the United States' atomic bombing, from the First International Forum held in 2023. Esteemed scholars and legal experts from Europe, the United States, Korea, and Japan took charge of presentations and discussions. It is available in three languages - Korean, English, and Japanese.

The A-Bomb Tribunal is planned with the aim of consoling Korean A-bomb victims by clarifying the historical significance of the United States' use of nuclear weapons and the illegality of current and potential nuclear weapon use, as well as extended deterrence. It seeks to overcome nuclear confrontation and deterrence theory and to find a path towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the realization of a nuclear-free world.

As part of the preparation process, the First International Forum was held in Hapcheon, South Korea, in June 2023, and the Second International Forum is scheduled for Hiroshima, Japan in June 2024, with the A-Bomb Tribunal scheduled for New York, USA in 2026.